The 10 prettiest Christmas spots in London

Even when rainy or gloomy, London becomes an incredibly magical place around Christmas time.
Lights and decorations everywhere, and the smell of cookies, cinnamon and mulled wine in the air!
Being such a big city, there are so many places you could explore, however I made a list of some of my favourite places that you could check out this Christmas!

1 ✶ Covent Garden

The whole area just transforms during Christmas time, amazing and colourful decorations appear and make you feel like you’re inside a Hallmark movie. Definitely my favourite place to visit!

2 ✶ Fortnum & Mason

With its timeless classic style, F&M and its Christmas decorations are always something to look forward to every single year since 1707! You should not miss it! And you might as well pop in to buy something delicious to eat or drink, or even some of their gorgeous decorations, because why not?

3 Leadenhall Market

This little gem is hidden near Monument area, usually crowded mid-week with workers eating and drinking after a long day at the office. Being the inspiration for Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley, it’s no surprise that even its Christmas decorations are just as magical!

4 Royal Arcade

Not too far from Bond Street, you’ll find this small arcade populated with some nice shops you can visit to search for Christmas presents. But the lovely decorations are actually what make it so pretty and popular on social media!

5 Burlington Arcade

Near the Royal Arcade, you’ll find this gorgeous location that will leave you speechless. Definitely a must-see if you’re in the area, this arcade is one of the most Christmas-y places you’ll ever find in London!

6 Bermondsey riverside

While enjoying a stroll along the Thames, you can check out the many local shops for some Christmas shopping, however the best part is being surprised by various pop-up Christmas lights and decorations, simply magical!

7 Hays Galleria

Right in front of the London Bridge station, you’ll find this lovely galleria. You should grab a seat, eat something and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere this place offers. One of my favourite Christmas trees in London!

8 Royal Exchange

Located near Bank, the Royal Exchange is one of the most beautiful examples of English architecture you’ll find in London. Its history is quite fascinating too, as the building was opened in 1571 by Queen Elizabeth I. I strongly suggest visiting it and maybe grab a drink or a bite at the F&B bar.

9 Bond Street

A combination of Old Bond Street and New Bond Street, this is the home of some of the most luxurious and gorgeous shops in London. Every year each one of them put some of the most amazing Christmas windows and decorations you’ll ever see. Cartier is definitely a show-stopper, you can’t miss it!

10 Regent Street

Probably the most famous street in London, every year thousands of people come to see Regent Street lighting up for Christmas. These beautiful decorations change every few years, and are always spectacular.

Other places worth mentioning:

34 Mayfair – Restaurant

Probably the most Christmas-y restaurant in London, with thousands of colourful baubles hanging from the ceiling.

The Ritz

If you wanna experience a tasteful and luxurious tea while enjoying gorgeous Christmas decorations, The Ritz is the place to go.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays everyone!!!