My favourite Gelato places in Rome

If you ever find yourself going to Rome, one thing you definitely ought to try is gelato.
When strolling around the city centre, what could be better than enjoying a nice chilled gelato?

What’s the difference between ice-cream and gelato you may ask?
The main differences are in the proportions of the ingredients and the churning process of the milk. Gelato is also usually more dense, contains less fat and less air.

Rome is home to hundreds if not thousands gelaterias, so be careful when choosing one, as there are so many options, especially around touristy areas, that you might end up getting something not 100% top notch.

TIPS on how to avoid bad gelaterias:

  • Never trust gelato flavours that have extremely bright neon colours, it means they used artificial colours and flavours;
  • Try to avoid places that pile up flavours like the Pisa tower.

And now what you all have been waiting for, my favourite gelaterias!

Il Gelato di San Crispino near the Pantheon

It is one of the best handmade gelaterias in the city!
Although it’s a bit pricey, they offer a limited range of flavours, each better than the other!
I would definitely suggest the pistacchio, which they’re famous for, as well as their meringues.

Gelateria La Romana in Ostiense

One of my absolute favourites! There are a few other branches around the city (as well as all over Italy and worldwide) but the Ostiense one is definitely worth visiting.
They offer a wide range of fresh, daily and hand-made flavours that are simply delicious.
My personal favourites: Cocco (coconut), Arachide pralinata al cioccolato (chocolate-covered peanut), Cachi (persimmon), Arancia rossa (red orange) and Crema di nocciola al cioccolato bianco (white chocolate hazelnut cream). (The list could go on and on and on).

What’s great about this gelateria is how inventive and original they are, always offering new and exciting flavours!
Definitely a must-eat!

Rivareno Gelato in San Giovanni

Rivareno has a couple branches around, in Ostia for example (the seaside area near Rome) which I love, but if you’re in the city then I’d suggest you go try out the one in San Giovanni (not too far from the Colosseum, around 30 mins on foot).

Rivareno is also famous for their long list of original and mouth-watering handmade flavours, they do have some classic ones as well, and others which change depending on the season.

My personal favourites? Among the classics I’d always go for Pistacchio, Gianduia (hazelnut chocolate) or Marron glacé. From their Specialities I’d definitely choose San Luca (melted white chocolate with rice crispies), New York New York (Canadian organic maple syrup and caramelized pecan nuts), Ricotta e Fichi (ricotta and figs) or Mango Heera (a reinterpretation of the Indian Mango Lassi – made with fresh mangoes and yogurt).

Honestly, I would get them all, and they offer so many options it may take you a while to choose!

They also offer a range of lactose-free gelato, fresh granita (Italian slushy) or gelato flavours made with fresh fruit.

Gelateria Giolitti in city centre

Giolitti has two branches in Rome, one in my neighbourhood EUR, and the historical one which is in the city centre, near the Pantheon.
Open since 1900, Giolitti is still considered essential if you wish to take a tour for the authentic centre of Rome.
Their Liberty-stile tables and antique look just add even more charm to this amazing and perfectly-located gelateria.

Offering several different puddings, desserts and sweets – including cannoli and granita, their gelato is still one of the best in the whole city.
Their most famous flavours are Zabaione, Fichi (figs) and Cioccolato Fondente (dark chocolate), but I’d also add their Noci e Cioccolato (walnuts and chocolate) which is superb!

Gunther Gelato Artigianale Italiana near Pantheon

Still in the Pantheon area (most of the best gelaterias are located there), Gunther is a quite new entry in my top gelaterias in Rome.

Born from the amazing mind of Günther Rohregger, he moved to Rome from Northern Italy (Alto Adige) and followed his passion into making a gourmet product using fresh, seasonal and bio ingredients. This is what makes his gelato so great!
He managed to open a few branches, but the one situated behind the Pantheon is definitely my favourite!

The flavours often change – depending on the season – but their quality and taste are otherworldly!
I would suggest to try their Pistacchio and Ricotta Stregata, although you’ll need some time to go through all their options!


Other gelaterias worth mentioning:

Otaleg! in Trastevere
Fata Morgana in Monti
Gelateria dei Gracchi near the Vatican
La Gourmandise in Monteverde
Al Settimo Gelo near the Vatican

Buon appetito!